Truth About Abs Review

What is Truth About Abs?

Truth About Abs is an e-book which is targeted at men and women of all age groups and sizes to help them undergo consistent weight loss and assist them in flattening of their midsection, without facing any harmful side effects. It features extensive information related to nutritional advice and workouts. Truth About Abs has broken all records in sales and has turned out to be the single best resource for all people wanting to flaunt those perfect six pack abs.

The great success it has so far enjoyed has a lot to do with its nutritional aspect, and not so much with the workouts. This is because nutrition plays a key role in not only weight loss but also the body’s ability to keep the weight off. Furthermore, unlike other similar programs available in the marketplace, you don’t need to consume any weight loss pills to see best results.

Who is Mike Geary?

He’s the one who has created this e-book. Mike’s a certified nutritional expert and personal trainer. He had earned wide recognition in the field of health and fitness even before gaining popularity through Truth About Abs. Not only does he teach you how to lose weight and have those perfect six pack abs through this guide, he helps you live happy and long lives by following his methods.

How Truth About Abs works?

When you visit the official website of Truth About Abs you will be exposed to the five biggest myths associated with the idea of achieving a flat stomach. There are some very common problems we all face while trying to lose weight. He targets those very exact problems by offering practical advice. Truth About Abs e-book is quite comprehensive and consists of practical and applicable information for transformation of your body through compound movements and nutrition. Compound movements help in stimulation of more than one particular area of your body.

The best part about Mike Geary’s program is that you aren’t required to do those endless number of crunches to exercise your abs. Moreover, there is no need to spend hours and hours in the gymnasium doing cardiovascular exercises. Truth About Abs reveals certain important methods which can multiply your success with fat burning many times more than any typical and boring cardio session.

Another great addition to the Truth About Abs program is the “Insider Secrets for a Lean Body” report provided free of cost by Mike. This report can give you a sort of precursor to the things Mike reveals in the Truth About Abs program, and may help you in coming to decision about the program’s purchase.


What all you get in the Truth About Abs program?

Your purchase of Truth About Abs program will entitle you to all the following:

– The e-book itself with 149 pages of useful information related to motivational techniques, nutrition and exercise.

– A personal metabolism calculator which will tell you the exact number of calories you must eat to burn fat on a regular basis.

– A fast track meal planner to help you stick to your diet plan.

– Free of cost subscription to Mike Geary’s Lean Body Fitness Secrets newsletter.

– M-power Fast Fitness audio program that includes 4 detailed lectures on maintenance of your motivation levels.

– Home workout program which is a combination of some highly effective dumbbell and bodyweight exercises.

– Eight week long dumbbell bodyweight fusion exercise program.

– Free of cost Kim Lyons DVD titled ‘Five Simple Keys to Guarantee Fat Loss’. Kim has appeared on many TV channels including the hit TV series, The Biggest Loser.

Truth About Abs pros 

– The e-book features some of the best targeted ab exercises along with pictures, thereby making them easy for you to follow.

– Mike himself is a certified nutritional specialist and a personal trainer, thus making him an authority in this field.

– As Mike provides his personal email address, you can even interact with him and get your questions answered.

– Truth About Abs features more than 80 different meal plans targeted at delivering a lean body for you.

– There are as many as 50 different exercises along with relevant pictures to guide you properly.

– Truth About Abs e-book provides you with a thorough and comprehensive understanding of your abdominal region so that you know exactly which muscles are getting worked by performing every exercise.

– Mike explains certain important techniques to improve your body’s natural fat burning ability.

– He also goes into advanced and beginner level abdominal toning strategies.

– To make things easier for people who struggle with their day-to-day schedules, Mike provides short 5 to 7 minute ab workouts to make things easy.

– Truth About Abs comes with a comprehensive money back guarantee and hence you can ask for a complete refund if you aren’t satisfied with the program.

– Helping people achieve flat stomachs since the year 2004, Truth About Abs program has one of the lowest return rates in the weight loss marketplace.

– Truth About Abs program works and delivers results for both men and women of all age groups.

Truth About Abs cons

Although you may say that I am biased, but honestly, there aren’t many cons related to this program. Few of the ones that come to my mind are:

– Some of you may find its price to be slightly higher, but it is much better than spending hundreds of dollars on useless weight loss pills.

– Those of you who aren’t used to reading may find it difficult to go through the 149 page long Truth About Abs e-book.

– Some of the exercises in the program may require gym equipment to do them effectively.

Where to buy Truth About Abs?

To make sure that you receive the complete version of Truth About Abs e-book at the best possible price, you must buy Truth About Abs only from its official website.

Truth About Abs review conclusion

All in all, going by the experiences of hundreds of thousands of men and women throughout the world, I learnt that Truth About Abs has been delivering phenomenal results since the year 2004. Considering the fact that it comes with a comprehensive money back guarantee, you can try it in a risk-free arrangement.